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Titebond’s New TiteShield™ Gives Construction Contractors What They Want in a Sealant

TiteShield provides a durable weatherproof shield with ±50% joint movement capability that is paintable, fills 2” gaps and will not crack or turn brittle. The non-stringy formula will not sag or drool and can be applied in a broad range of temps. It is available in eight colors, plus clear.

Titeshield Selant imageTitebond has introduced a new high-performance sealant – aptly named TiteShield – that provides a weatherproof shield against the elements.

TiteShield is a multi-purpose, elastomeric sealant for sealing windows, doors, siding and trim and can be used in most construction and repair applications. It gives construction professionals the features they want in a sealant: versatility, joint movement capability of ±50%, the ability to fill gaps up to two inches, quick paintability and long-term durability.

This new Titebond sealant is developed for interior or exterior use and can be painted with latex paint in two to four hours after application. The non-stringy formula will not sag or drool and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, from 40˚F to 120˚F. In addition to its ability to expand or contract up to 50% of the joint size, it will remain flexible; this sealant will not crack or turn brittle with age.

Although paintable, TiteShield is available in eight colors, plus clear. (The clear formula offers ±25% joint movement capability and can be painted in four to six hours.) The sealant bonds to PVC, glass, wood, metal, aluminum, masonry, marble, brick, stone, concrete, ceramic tile and most common building materials. In addition, it is easy on the environment. It has ultra-low VOC content and is VOC-compliant in all 50 states. It exceeds requirements for ASTM C834, ASTM C920 Class 50, Federal Specifications TT-S-00230C and AAMA 808.3.

TiteShield joins a broad offering of high-performance Titebond sealants, as well as construction adhesives, developed with the construction pro in mind. It is available in 10.1-oz. cartridges through building supply stores and distributors. More information on all Titebond products is available at



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