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New Titebond TiteGrab Plus Construction Adhesive Extrudes Easily, Grabs Materials Instantly

There are construction adhesives. Then there is Titebond® new TiteGrab Plus – a powerful construction adhesive that instantly grabs and holds even heavy building materials, on vertical surfaces.

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TiteGrab Plus’s instant holding power and rapid strength development significantly reduce installation time and can reduce or eliminate the need for bracing, mechanical fasteners or mortar. The powerful advanced polymer formula ultimately achieves a durable, strong bond to porous and non-porous materials, for both interior and exterior projects.

Titebond focused on making the new TiteGrab Plus simple to apply. The cartridges work in any regular caulk gun, and the powerful adhesive extrudes easily. The construction pro need only apply a 2.5" line of adhesive per pound of material. (A chart showing the number of linear inches required for up to 20 pounds of material is available on In spite of the adhesive’s instant-grab capability, it does allow material to be repositioned for up to 10 minutes.

The advanced polymer formulation can be applied in wet and cold conditions; it is waterproof and will not freeze. It has a low VOC content,

"We are very proud to offer a product like TiteGrab Plus to our customers in construction," said Titebond’s vice president of marketing, Mark Schroeder. "It’s a powerful technology that can increase their efficiency on the jobsite. We have worked hard to both develop this one-of-a-kind technology and make it convenient to use."

TiteGrab Plus is available in 9-oz. cartridges at building supply stores, from Titebond distributors and through



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