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Titebond Introduces Two Multi-Purpose Caulks For Both Interior and Exterior Applications

Two new Titebond® Pro-Grade caulks, one for interior applications and the other for interior and exterior use, have contractors covered on the job site – and for years afterward, with Titebond's warranty protection.

Titebond® has introduced two new multi-purpose caulks – Titebond Pro-Grade and Pro-Grade Plus – that give construction professionals the performance characteristics they need for both interior and exterior jobs, along with Titebond's warranty protection.

Titebond developed its Pro-Grade Caulk specifically for interior applications, including pre-paint preparation. Its acrylic latex formulation ensures smooth tooling and the ease of water cleanup. Contractors can paint it with water-based (latex) paint in two to four hours after application. Pro-Grade Caulk is available in white.

Pro-Grade Caulk adheres to most common building materials, including glass, masonry, aluminum and brick. In addition, it's UV, mold and water resistant, and will not cause shiners through the paint. Pro-Grade passes testing for ASTM C834 Type OP Grade -18°C, ASTM C920 Type S Grade NS Class 25, and offers the protection of Titebond's 25-year warranty program.

When contractors want the convenience of a high-performing caulk for both interior and exterior use, they can turn to Titebond Pro-Grade Plus Caulk. As a siliconized acrylic formulation, Pro-Grade Plus offers some of the same characteristics as Pro-Grade: It’s easy to tool, water cleanable and paintable. Both caulk formulations also are VOC compliant.

Pro-Grade Plus earns the Plus demarcation with its ability to fill gaps up to 1” wide and its strong, weather-resistant seal on a variety of building materials, such as masonry, aluminum, brick, concrete, plastic, drywall, plaster, metal, fiberglass and glass tile. It meets industry standards for both ASTM C834 Type OP Grade -18°C and ASTM C920 Type S Grade NS Class 25, allowing for 25% joint expansion and contraction. Another big Plus: Pro-Grade Plus carries Titebond’s 50-year warranty.

Pro-Grade Plus is available in eight colors, in addition to clear. These include white, almond, brown, slate gray, cedar tan, black, antique white and dark bronze.

Titebond Pro-Grade and Pro-Grade Plus caulks are available through building supply distributors and by special order at participating Titebond dealers and distributors. More information on these and other Titebond products is available at



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