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New TitePatch Permanently Repairs Cracks to Seal Concrete, Masonry and Other Substrates

Titebond® TitePatch Elastomeric Patching Compound is designed for interior and exterior use to repair, seal and fill non-structural cracks in concrete, masonry, brick and other materials. It is available in both smooth, brush-grade and textured, knife-grade formulations.

Titebond has made it easier for contractors to permanently repair, seal and fill non-structural cracks in concrete, masonry and more with its new TitePatch Elastomeric Patching Compound. TitePatch Image

TitePatch is used for both interior and exterior applications and is available in both smooth brush-grade and textured knife-grade formulations. The smooth brush-grade formulation can be brushed over smaller, hairline cracks in stucco and masonry as well as concrete, wood, brick, PVC, aluminum and galvanized steel. The textured knife-grade version is for filling, sealing and repairing larger cracks in those same substrates.

Both formulations offer strong adhesion to substrates, remain flexible and can be painted 30 minutes after application. Their latex-based formulation allows for water clean-up when still wet. They are also VOC-compliant, with a VOC content less than 50 g/L. Both formulations offer a two-year shelf life when stored properly.

TitePatch joins a broad offering of high-performance Titebond sealants, as well as construction adhesives, developed with the construction pro in mind. It is available in one-gallon pails through building supply stores and distributors. More information on all Titebond products is available at



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