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New Titebond Speed Set a Game Changer for Cabinet Shops and Other High-Volume Woodworking Operations

Speed Set sets in half the time as other PVA wood glues, reducing clamp time to just 15 minutes. Additional features, including high solids to fill gaps and fluorescence to quickly show excess dried glue under a black light, also boost efficiency.

How about a wood glue that cuts clamp time in half?

Titebond has introduced a new PVA wood glue, Speed Set, that sets two times faster than other PVA glues, cutting clamp time in half, to a mere 15 minutes. That alone can significantly boost efficiency in any shop – and is especially significant to cabinet shops and other high-volume woodworking operations.

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Yet speed of set – eight- to 10-minute total assembly time – is just one of several ways this new glue increases efficiencies in the shop. The glue is 60% solids and can fill small gaps in joints. It’s also fluorescent; woodworkers simply shine a black light on the wood to quickly see – and sand – excess glue on the wood.

Speed Set also is viscous enough for use on shop machinery and is water cleanable in the wet state.

Speed Set dries translucent. It is developed for interior use only and is 15% stronger than Titebond’s other popular wood glue for interior use, Titebond Original. (All Titebond wood glues are stronger than the wood itself.) Like other Titebond wood glues, the bond is unaffected by finishes.

“We focus on offering a wide array of products that offer woodworkers great glues, for varied applications,” said Mark Schroeder, vice president, marketing for Titebond. “Speed Set meets the need for speed at higher-volume operations – and at any size of shop that wants a quicker set time. It’s a valuable addition to the Titebond line.”

Because Titebond developed Speed Set first and foremost for larger woodworking operations, it is only offered in larger containers, including one-gallon bottles, the 2.15-gallon PROjug and five-gallon pails, available through cabinet shop distributors and woodworking specialty stores, including Rockler. More information on Speed Set is available at



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