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Titebond Launches Popular Panel Adhesive in Innovative New Pouches Precision-Filled to Simplify Installation of Standard-Sized Panels

The new half-gallon pouch of Titebond® Advanced Panel Adhesive contains the precise amount of adhesive for installing a standard 4’ x 8’ FRP Panel. The sensible “one pouch, one panel” approach eliminates the mess of pouring or scooping product, and no adhesive goes to waste.

Titebond now is offering its well-known Titebond Advanced Panel Adhesive in new, handy-sized pouch packaging that both simplifies installation of panels and results in less adhesive waste.

The pouch contains a half-gallon of adhesive, which is precisely the amount recommended for application on a standard 4’ x 8’ FRP panel. Contractors just snip the tie off the pouch to open it, squeeze the adhesive onto the panel and trowel. It’s less messy than pouring or scooping adhesive from a bucket, and no adhesive goes to waste.

Titebond Advanced Polymer Pouches

The adhesive inside the new pouch is the same trusted product available in plastic 3.5-gallon pails: A high-strength adhesive that bonds virtually any material, including non-porous to non-porous. Beyond FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), it adheres to wood, foamboard, plastic, laminate, treated fire-rated and pressure-treated plywood, tub surrounds, metal, concrete, vinyl, PVC and painted surfaces. It is 100% solids and easy to trowel, making it ideal for almost any paneling installation.

This versatile panel adhesive also offers strong initial green grab, a rapid cure rate and fast strength development, helping contractors get the job done, fast. It’s moisture, mold and mildew resistant and cures into a durable bond that will not turn brittle with age. It’s Titebond tough – but also extremely safe for the environment. Nonflammable and VOC-compliant, with no offensive odor, this product has earned Titebond’s Greenchoice designation for environmental friendliness and meets LEED v4, SCAQQMD, CARB, ASTM C557 and NAHB Green Building specifications. It also achieves NFPA Class A Fire Rating.

Titebond Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive in pouch packaging is coming to building supply stores, lumber yards, and some home improvement and hardware stores. Contractors can find more information on this product and the full offering of Titebond construction adhesives, sealants, flooring products and wood glues at



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