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New Titebond Ultimate TiteGrab Construction Adhesive Quickly Grabs Heavy Items

Developed to accelerate installation time of vertical applications, Titebond’s newest construction adhesive has a powerful initial vertical grab that is twice as strong as most other adhesives. It quickly holds even heavy items, often reducing or eliminating the need for bracing.

Now, contractors and DIYers can affix even the heaviest building materials at lightning speed, with new TiteGrab™ Advanced Polymer Construction Adhesive by Titebond®.

Developed to accelerate installation time of vertical applications, TiteGrab doubles the initial vertical bond strength of most other adhesives. It quickly grips and holds materials, eliminating the need for bracing in many cases and speeding up the job. Users can reposition the materials for up to 10 minutes after application. The adhesive then rapidly cures into a powerful, durable bond that is 100% waterproof.

Titebond makes it easy to achieve the most effective adhesive bead with the inclusion of a special v-notch applicator tip. The custom tip ensures the correct depth of adhesive and forms a ridge on top of the bead for increased bond strength. Titebond also recommends the use of a premium cartridge gun to apply TiteGrab, with a high thrust ratio (18:1 works well) that handles high-viscosity formulation.

Like other Titebond construction adhesives, TiteGrab comes in a drool-free cartridge. Users don’t have to spend time cleaning up or waste money on adhesive that continues to extrude after they stop squeezing the trigger of the cartridge gun. In addition, with an extremely low VOC content of less than 4 g/L, TiteGrab is low in odor, safe to use and meets the most stringent VOC regulations. It can be applied in a wide temperature range, from 0°F to 120°F (60°F to 90°F for best results), allowing for year-round work in four-season climates.

“Titebond strives to develop products that solve real challenges on the jobsite and around the house,” said Mark Schroeder, Titebond’s vice president of marketing. “TiteGrab offers significant performance advantages to tackle tough applications. When applied as directed, it can quickly hold even the heaviest items. We are proud to introduce this technology to construction contractors and homeowners who want to get the job done well and as efficiently as possible.”

TiteGrab is available at select Lowe’s locations and can be special-ordered at any Lowe’s store or at Hardware and building supply stores that do not yet stock it can special-order it upon request. More information about TiteGrab and other Titebond construction adhesives, sealants and wood glues is available at



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